Lelit Bianca

Semi-automatic espresso machine for home use (semi-professional)

Bianca is an espresso machine without compromises, created for those demanding baristas !

Thanks to the manometer on the E61 group you can measure the real pressure on the coffee puck having a much more precise and accurate control of the coffee extraction. Rotating it, you gradually vary the water flow inside the group until the highest pressure is reached.
This way you can manually control every single phase of the coffee extraction to obtain the best possible result in the cup with every type of coffee blend.

Bianca is equipped with a sophisticated energy saving system that allows programming the stand-by time, after which the steam boiler is disabled. The coffee boiler maintains a temperature of 70° C and the efficiency of the warming cup surface is kept at 80%. The machine returns in the full energy modus in just 10 minutes, granting this way a significant energy saving.